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From the deep-seated crucibles of stars to your huge subsequent divergence, Set off by a supernova and trillions of random DNA mutations, leaving chemically rich elements throughout various galaxies and about three billion nucleotides in every one of your trillions of cells. On one hand giving rise to the chemistry of life and forming a prequel to the other, giving rise to a single precise sequence to make you, develop you, run all your physiology and even dictate your instincts. If your not unique then I don't know what is, baring that if you wish to preserve that uniqueness, then the best thing you could do is stay home.

One of the others reasons to stay home would be the very nature of how nature works. For instance, considering the current research scenario of the transmission of the virus through droplets which can not stay in air for a longer time due to the effect of gravity and conditions such as temperature and atmospheric pressure ( also note that experts have figured out that the virus could stay airborne, except at a particular condition of temperature and pressure, considering that the jury is still yet to be out on it). So, that makes the chances of an encounter with the virus more likely when you touch surfaces of various kinds and through fellow humans as well. And so the notion of the nature of how nature works comes into play when you consider factors such as how the water you drink, the air you exhale, all the moist that comes out of one's body is spread throughout the surface of the earth depending on time, making you more susceptible to the virus.

A bottle of water at your home will probably have more molecules of water, than there are bottles of water of that volume in all of the worlds oceans. Considering that if even a single molecule of water is infected, then the person carrying the infected molecule is more likely to spread the infection through contact with other surfaces or direct human contact by the means of sneeze or a cough. Establishing mutual distancing as the only viable option. And probably all of this information is familiar to most of us, but a lack of an intersection between principle and execution wouldn't help us lead the frontier between us and an invasion by a species no different than an alien.

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