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The Power of Acceptance

Updated: Jan 22, 2020

This post is more of a conclusion to my previous two posts (this one here and here). The term acceptances has its own meaning when used in different contexts, this post is going to be further around and with reference to self-acceptance.

From my standpoint, acceptance plays a clinical role in understanding oneself. Occasionally for instance, it just so happens that we take up tasks, which are in some manner not built for us, or rather we aren't built or compatible with it. That very reason may lead to a persons failure at accomplishing the goals of that particular task after numerous attempts.

We have all heard the saying,"try, try and try until you succeed." If you tend to apply that very saying to a goal or task that you want to achieve by not analyzing what your core strengths actually are, you will lead yourself into a path of betrayal. The point that I'm trying to make is that, it is important to analyze ones incompatibility for achieving a particular objective, moreover its important to accept those incompatibilities and move on to something else that suits ones inner nature, which would be a wiser thing to do, rather than wasting time, effort and staying in a delusional reality.

The power of acceptance in the above context is very vital for a prosperous future of an individual. For a matter of fact, this very power of acceptance is very essential not only at a personal level, but also at a public extent. It may just so happen that a group which looks after the working of various institutions of the society, makes a series of mistakes. Now, mistakes happen, after all we are just humans. What's important here, is that the particular group responsible for the errors are to accept what went wrong. If they just keep living and showcasing a mindset of denial and never accepts the blunders that were done, then it leads the road of growth to a different path, a path which can never amend the faults committed.

You see, the power of acceptance is even larger than confidence. You can find a good deal of pseudo-intellectuals who are confident, but they will never accept the fact that the argument they present are flawed. The art of acceptance is surely something one should look forward to and pursue in today's age of immense digitization.

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